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Zoe a greek name, means life! 'The Bridge Across Forever ..' is an attempt to reach out to the junta. It brings out the creative best in me in the form of poetry and a dash of photography. My blog 'Food for the soul' is all about weaving day to day activities with something that suits my palate and I hope you'll enjoy it just as much as I do, putting it together for you!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Sweet November

September went by,
And so did October, dry,
But there came, November -
Thirty dear days, to remember!

Serendipity in action,
A questionable traction,
A blessing in disguise,
To believe in what lay, was wise!

From machine to man,
As the month ran,
Sweetness unfurled,
As his life twirled!

The beauty in simplicity,
Far away from plasticity,
Dancing to her beat,
Commanding yet neat!

Blindfolded, she left,
With her end, she cleft,
To think it would end,
When things began to bend!

Unfathomable was the truth,
Bitter beauty, a time of ruth!
Why did it come, December?
Why couldn’t it stay, November?

© Zoe k

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