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Zoe a greek name, means life! 'The Bridge Across Forever ..' is an attempt to reach out to the junta. It brings out the creative best in me in the form of poetry and a dash of photography. My blog 'Food for the soul' is all about weaving day to day activities with something that suits my palate and I hope you'll enjoy it just as much as I do, putting it together for you!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Home they brought my warrior alive...

I watched him board the ship to Greece,
I stood there rooted in that moment of grief,
A war to wage he had- to bring peace!
I didnt want to let go of that moment so brief.

Days passed by, and so did weeks,
A letter or two to console the few,
To touch one half the other seeks,
Souls apart that long to sew.

Years went by, the war went on,
I yearned to see my knight,
A shining armor, he would adorn,
I ached to see him every night.

The letters stopped with the atom bomb,
In the depression, I struggled to thrive,
He perished they said with the bomb,
Long after, home they brought him alive!

A damaged brain, the body alive,
But home they brought my warrior alive!
© Zoe k


shubhra said...

really gr8!!i want to know the source of ur inspiration...really like those two lines...'to touch one half.....long to sew'
went into a retrospective mood after reading it :)
keep at it gurl...dont worry legal issues n publishing taken care of!! :P

Zoek said...

thank u my copyright buddy *wink* *wink*