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Zoe a greek name, means life! 'The Bridge Across Forever ..' is an attempt to reach out to the junta. It brings out the creative best in me in the form of poetry and a dash of photography. My blog 'Food for the soul' is all about weaving day to day activities with something that suits my palate and I hope you'll enjoy it just as much as I do, putting it together for you!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

चाय टाइम मास्ति

So heres to towny lingo,
I got my roots right, bingo!
Must we forget Madam Penelope,
Who for all you know may just elope-
Nah am serious, pretty serious,
She's on her way to LA, devious,
We just warned her about the ring,
"Make fun make fun" she'll sing,
Our चाय टाइम मास्ति,
She is one महान हस्ती,
Hailing from downtown मुंबई,
Big time comedy with चाय,
'कोसो दूर' she goes,
'Watever' to her woes.
Dont पंगा आदयिफ्य with her,
Cos she'll say, 'go jump', उधर,
'Pretty please with a cherry on top',
A show with her would never flop,
Heres to you my DBA,
I hope I did make your day.

© Zoe k

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