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Zoe a greek name, means life! 'The Bridge Across Forever ..' is an attempt to reach out to the junta. It brings out the creative best in me in the form of poetry and a dash of photography. My blog 'Food for the soul' is all about weaving day to day activities with something that suits my palate and I hope you'll enjoy it just as much as I do, putting it together for you!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Maple leaf

The first showers of the summer rain,
Fall upon the barren earth.
Its characteristic scent,
Brings out the life in me, the maple leaf!

Green in color, standing tall,
On my dark brown friend, the branch.
In the afternoon breeze,
I see, being tossed, the soccer ball.

A twig in his beak,
Cometh the sparrow,
A nest to build, he has-
A beautiful one, by the creek!

Spring has gone, here is summer,
Long past gone is the winter.
Yikkety yakk the kids are screaming,
Running helter skelter, by the hummer.

The days grow shorter,
I turn yellow, orange and finally red
Colors of autumn that adorn
A painter's poster.

And then one day
With the breeze
I leave my humble abode,
Etching the finale to this play.

© Zoe K

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